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BMM Technology was founded in 2015 by Massimo Tentorio thanks to his long experience inthe production and processing of coffee in all its forms.

The Mission of BMM Technology is to transmit its technical skills to the companies and players of the coffee market. The aim is to improve the production phase and obtainrelevant and immediate results that will be maintained over time.

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A new “vacuum” and nitrogen degassing system that differs from traditional systems on the market.


main activities

The main activities of BMM Technology are: the innovative coffee degassing, transport and storage system conceived by BMM Technology.

BMM Technology designs, realizes and develops customized systems for the coffee processing in all its forms, to be then packed in tins, packages and single serve.

BMM Technology realizes and customizes the system according to the customers needs and provides solutions that improve the process and management of small, medium and large companies.

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coffee degassing system

an innovative method

01. degassing

02. trasport

03. storage

bmm technology

coffee degassing system

BMM Technology’s Mission is to transmit its technical skills to the service of companies in the sector. With the aim of improving the production phase and obtaining relevant and immediate results that are maintained over time.

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