The innovative coffee
degassing system

Degassing System is a technology entirely developed by BMM Technology which is based on a principle of negative and positive pressure, given by a combination of vacuum-nitrogen.

work process

01. Degassing >

02. Transport >

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What is Degassing System?

Process for
degassing coffee

It is known that with the increase in temperature, residual gases – in particular, CO2 – increase in volume, potentially leading to a detachment of the capsule top or to the bulging of vacuum packets.

Thus, degassing is essential to keep the capsules sealed and under vacuum conditions.


Find out how the innovative BMM Degassing System works

in/out trasport

The system features a set of launch pads and cyclones to transport the product from the grinder to the silos...

"Vacuum" Degassing

The BMM Technology "Vacuum" Degassing System differs from traditional system...

Energy Savings

The Desagging System guarantees 10 times less consumption than other systems...

why choose us?

Because the use of high vacuum reduces investment and save space...

"vacuum" degassing stytem

The Degassing system

The “vacuum” degassing system differs from traditional systems in that it allows a drastic reduction in energy costs whilst notably lowering the ratio of cubic metres of nitrogen used per coffee kg in the degassing and preservation phase.

Interactive panel

The system is equipped with an interactive control panel integrated with sensors to manage and monitor all phases of the process.


The system is made up of modular blocks, with a layout that can be customized on the needs of each individual customer.

focused to the future

Degassing is essential to keep capsules sealed and packages vacuum-packed.

Our system is able to ensure the high quality of the final product, as well as an increase in productivity and energy savings.

project details

the work phases

01. degassing

02. trasport

03. storage

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In our factory we have installed 5 silos. We immediately noticed energy savings and the coffee is always ready for use.

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